What is Bluelux?

Bluelux is the app to control lighting and trigger electronic appliances. Our enterprise solution helps your company save energy and increase employee productivity through a rapid deployment automation.

We humanize lighting and appliances automation for houses and business.

We combine easy-to-install modules with an intelligent lighting and appliances platform to deliver control in the hands of hundreds of customers. We offer the right solution for you to reduce energy waste, increase productivity and comfort in your activities.


Our technology is scalable and may be used in businesses of any size. We have already reached more than 50 cities in Brazil and benefited hundreds of people with our products.

Made in Brazil

Bluelux develops internally all apps and automation modules of our platform. We were able to combine innovation and brazilian manufacturing.

Who supports Bluelux?

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Tiago Loureiro

Executive Director

Vinicius Loureiro


Wellington Soares



The switch from incandescent lamps to LED bulbs has significantly changed energy efficiency by reducing electricity consumption. Despite this, the way people interact with lighting is basically the same for more than a century.

The next revolution in lighting will come from connectivity. Lighting will be smart, will learn and respond to the activities you do.

For this break to happen, innovation must be affordable and easy to use. The founders of Bluelux had the idea to create an adapter that makes any lamp into a connected one and that may be installed by the end user himself or his electrician. Until then solutions offered in the Brazilian market were complex and depended on specialized labor to be installed in homes and companies.

Bluelux gives new life to lighting, it provides more convenience, comfort and energy efficiency. Our team of designers and engineers work to create products that make lighting an increasingly amazing experience.

Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Bluelux is operated by a team of entrepreneurs passionate about lighting and technology. They have an innovative vision for connected lighting, and believe that it will be built upon internet of things technologies, open source software and the maker community.

Bluelux in the brazilian media

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